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Was HEROINE really all the hype?!

If you're at all like me you're a junkie for anything beauty. My most recent obsessions are the M.A.C lipsticks. (Sigh, I know). So when M.A.C announced they were making the infamous "Heroine" lipstick a permanent of their collection, I just had to see what all of the hype was about.

                                          M.A.C describes Heroine as a "powerful purple". Find it here

Aside from the standard intoxicating smell of vanilla and being matte, this lipstick doesn't quite meet my expectations. I will admit, Heroine is a stunning shade of purple, but there's just nothing more. I'm not sure if it clashes with my skin tone or is just not suitable for me period, but this "powerful purple" lipstick was very disappointing. It was much too neon. Was it really worth the hype?? I say no. If you're one of those ladies or gents that likes any color purple, this lipstick is for you! I'll pass. Maybe next time, M.A.C. Toodles.

Did Heroine live up to the hype for you?


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