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28 Days of Lipstick!!! - Day 11: M.A.C "Relentlessly Red"

 I was feeling rather bold so I decided to test out my new lipstick Relentlessly Red. M.A.C describes Relentlessly Red as a "bright pinkish coral matte". Find it here 

And that it is! It's a super pigmented, retro matte lipstick and I la-la-la-la loooooooove it!!!

The name is a little misleading. I was expecting a deep red but nonetheless it is gorg! It lasted an amazing 5 hours!! (I'm sure it would've lasted longer but it was time to change looks). It is a bit drying but that's nothing a little lip balm can't help. Relentlessly Red is a must have lipstick!! The color is so stunning and I've never seen anything like it! On me it is more coraly-pink but I've heard other woman say it looks red. A must try for sure!!! Until next time, toodles.



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