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28 Days of Lipstick!!! - Day 28: Wet N' Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color "Red My Mind"

We made it! Welcome to the last day of 28 Days of Lipstick. While I felt completely overwhelmed towards the end, I enjoyed writing about a new lipstick everyday and look forward to doing something similar in the near future. I hope you enjoyed 28 Days of Lipstick as well!! I decided to end with a red lipstick - the exact way I began, because it is my most favorite color to wear! Today's lip stain is by Wet N' Wild from their Megalast Liquid Lip Color line. Red My Mind is a beautiful true red lipstick.

This color is absolutely stunning! So bright, so bold, so beautiful! It's crazy pigmented, matte, and smudge proof. And when I say smudge proof, that it is! This lippie will not move at all. Which can make it a love-hate relationship but either way I think Red My Mind is an amazing product! You must be extremely precise when applying it since it dries instantly. Red My Mind is a great color to wear when on a night out on the town. No re-applying needed! Until next time, toodles. Oh, and Happy Fridaaaayyyy!!!
Do you have Red My Mind? Love it or hate it?


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