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28 Days of Lipstick!!! - Day 5: Revlon "Berry Haute 660" & Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!!!!

Happy birthday to meeeeee!!!!! I'm finally 27!! (Shayla, if you're reading this, HUSH!!) I am completely bummed I'm even closer to 30 but truly blessed! I've learned to love myself, found true love, learned to forgive, and finally started chasing my dreams! What more could I ask for? Of course there are things I wanted to achieve and have not yet but I have learned those come in due time. Now before I get all emotional on this gorgeous birthday of mine, let's talk about today's lipstick!

Meet Berry Haute 660 by Revlon. A very creamy, beautiful lilac lipstick! Find it here

I stumbled upon this lipstick one day while searching for a dupe for M.A.C's Riri Boy and I must say I am in love. The color is absolutely stunning and the formula is very hydrating. It lasts for hours and looks amazing on! It really is a dupe for M.A.C's Riri Boy too! Loooove it!! Berry Haute 660 is definitely a must have purple lipstick for any lipstick lovers collection for sure. Until next time, toodles. Oh, and happy birthday to MEEEEEEE!!!!! (Hehe)




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