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The Body Shop Body Butters

I don't know about you, but this past winter has completely destroyed my skin. I already have super sensitive, reaaaaaallllly dry skin and this winter just made it even worse! Thank goodness for The Body Shop and their Body Butters. They are absolute life savers!

The Body Shop Body Butters claim to "offer up to 24 hours of skin hydration", and come in a huge range of fragrances. Find them HERE They have a thick consistency which makes them feel amazing on the skin and are perfect for someone with dry skin. I don't find that they last 24 hours but an amazing 9 hours is just as good (I've never found anything to last on my skin that long). I've noticed my skin can't completely handle the more fragrant butters (tear!) so I like to stick more with the natural oil ones (Shea Body Butter is my current fave but I can't wait to try Olive tonight!). They are pretty expensive but are totally worth it! I just love the "greasy" feeling they give me when applied (Again, I have reaaaaalllllly dry skin so this is a dream come true!) My skin literally "tightens" within seconds of getting out of the shower and these help moisturize it wonderfully and leave my skin crazy soft and smooth. Check them out!! Until next time, toodles.

Do you have any Body Butters? Which one is your favorite?





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