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Sonia Kashuk "Purple Seductia" Body Butter

I've been eyeing this beauty for some time now and finally got the opportunity to check it out. I ran out of my Olive Oil Body Butter (my new Holy Grail!) from The Body Shop, but couldn't make a trip to the mall until weeks later, so I decided to pick up Sonia Kashuk's Purple Seductia Body Butter (Find it HERE) in hopes that I would get the same amazing quality.

While the packaging is beyond gorgeous and looks like a luxury item that should be sold at Macys, instead of Target, and it smells amazing (pomegranate, rose and patchouli), I must admit I wasn't at all impressed. I believe it would be wonderful as a hand cream but for an all over body butter, it lacked in the moisturizing department for me (I have very dry skin). I found I had to use it with another product completely to get even minimal hydration. Such a bummer 'cause it was extremely inexpensive compared to the Body Shop's butters and when I say it smells amazing, it smells ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Oh well. What may not work for me may work for you. Until next time, toodles.




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