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Lime Crime Lippies!

Happy Saturday! I recently purchased my first Lime Crime lippies and I must say they are TO DIE FOR! I've been contemplating their lipsticks for such a long time now that I am extremely pleased I took a chance and finally picked some up. Anything with packaging that fabulous I must try! (Find them HERE)
I purchased three beautiful lipsticks. Chinchilla, a gorgeous grey with purple undertones, Cosmopop, a creamsicle color, and Airborne Unicorna neon lavender. These lipsticks are the epitome of makeup. So bold, so playful, so unique. They are so amazing!! The texture is a mix between creamy and matte and the pigmentation is insane. The only cons that I can think of for these lovelies is the temperature plays a huge factor. You must keep them in a cool place or they will melt, which in turn will cause breakage, as I have learned from experience. Major sad face. ;( They can also feather out into the corners of your lips, but I find using a lip liner helps to keep them in place.



Airborne Unicorn 

Do you have any lippies from Lime Crime? Until next time, toodles.
Hope you're having a fab weekend!!



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