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Spring & Summer Loves - Lips!

  Lipstick's are my absolute favorite makeup! There's just something about a beautiful, bold, daring lip color that I just can't resist. It can take a makeup look to a whole new level all on it's own. I love it!

 A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my favorite Spring & Summer Loves - Nail Lacquer! edition (Read the whole post HERE) so I decided today I would share with you my favorite lipstick picks. These are the lipsticks that I have worn since the warmer months have finally graced us with their presence.

M.A.C "Riri Woo": So bold. So daring. So me. I've talked about this lipstick a few times now on Queen Ashley and I just can't get enough. It's my perfect red lipstick! I love how insanely matte it is and it looks just gorgeous on. I can't help but feel really glamorous when rocking this beauty. A universally flattering, heart stopper for sure. (Read the whole post HERE)

M.A.C "Pleasure Bomb": To be honest, I am extremely surprised to be featuring this lippie as a spring/summer fave. I've just been dyinggg to wear pink lips and have been finding myself reaching for this lately. This lippie is soooo gorgeous! The packaging is truly fab and the color is stunning. A true pink color. Plus it's matte! Move over Candy Yum-Yum, Pleasure Bomb is THE perfect pink lipstick! (Yep, I said it!) ;) (Read the whole post HERE)

M.A.C "Relentlessly Red":  This color is so uniquely stunning! It's a breathtaking "bright pinkish coral matte". I love love LOVE this lipstick. It is a bit drying but that's nothing a little lip balm can't help. Plus it lasts forever. (Read the whole post HERE)

Lime Crime "Chinchilla": One of my newest babies to the collection. It is a greyish purple toned color. The color is so unique. I absolutely love it.

Lime Crime "Airborne Unicorn": I was really nervous when first purchasing this lipstick cause I thought I might have something very similar to it in my stash but I must say I do not. I have never seen this color of purple lipstick before. Lime Crime describes it as a "medium purple with a neon note". It is so gorgeous! I've been contemplating Lime Crime lippies for such a long time now that I am extremely ecstatic that I took a chance and purchased these. I have fallen in love! I'll def be getting a few more beauties from them in the near future.

What are some of your spring and summer lipstick loves? Until next time, toodles.



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