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M.A.C "Pure Heroine"

Considering I utterly hated (and still do) the infamous M.A.C Heroine lipstick, I have absolutely no idea how Pure Heroine ended up in my expanding collection. Obsession maybe? Hoarding??! Either way I lololove this lipstick and am very pleased to welcome my new addition to the family.

Pure Heroine is an astonishing deep plum color with an amplified finish. Application is exceptionally smooth and creamy and it feels completely fabulous on the lips, truly moisturizing and hydrating.

I was a little discouraged of it's color payoff. Pure Heroine is one of those lipsticks that have to be built up to your desired intensity, but after hours of wear, you're left with a beautiful stained lip! And what happened to the amazing limited edition packaging? M.A.C definitely dropped the ball on that one. Nonetheless, it is a stunning lipstick. I love it. Did you pick up Pure Heroine? Until next time toodles.



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