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#ManiMonday!!! - O.P.I "Lincoln Park After Dark"

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fab weekend filled with love, laughter and lipstick! ;) I decided I needed a little change when it comes to my nails so pulled out one of my favorite nail polishes everrrr. (I feel like I say that about all of my polishes.)

Enter Lincoln Park After Dark from O.P.I. A stunning dark purple, almost black nail lacquer.
I stumbled upon this beaut a year ago and it has quickly become a true classic for me. I remember wearing it for weeks straight last winter; I just love how dark and mysterious but still gorgeous this polish is.  
O.P.I polishes are so amazing! I always forget how much I love them until I pull it out for a beautiful mani. They can last weeks on the nails which I find absolutely crazy, with only minimal touch ups needed. Until next time, toodles.

What are you rocking on this beautiful #ManiMonday ?



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