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PURPLE Passion - Day 5 Lime Crime "Airborne Unicorn"

Welcome back loves! Lime Crime is known for having bold and unique lipsticks so today's pick is in Airborne Unicorn, a breathtaking neon lavender. This beauty has quickly become a favorite of mine.

 Like Chinchilla, the texture is a mix between creamy and matte so isn't that drying on the lips, and is very long lasting. I find it to bleed just a bit so a lip liner is necessary.
Airborne Unicorn looks absolutely amazing on. I didn't think it would be highly pigmented and am pleasantly surprised. It is so vibrant. Only one swipe needed. I love it! All eyes are on me when I wear it, just how I like it. ;) Until next time, toodles.

Find Airborne Unicorn HERE





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