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PURPLE Passion - Day 7 M.A.C "Cyber"

Hope you're having a fab weekend! I just spent an incredible few hours in the sun by the pool, working on my tan. Happy first day of summer! :) I bring to you the last lipstick from my PURPLE Passion week. Cyber was THE lipstick that started the purple lippie obsession and my first M.A.C purchase. It is a deep, dark purple, almost black lipstick with a satin finish.

Cyber is definitely for the bold and daring and is true to color. It is so gorgeous without being too edgy or scary. Since it has a satin finish, Cyber glides on very easily, is really glossy and creamy on the lips, and is very long lasting. It fades into a gorgeous stain, evenly.
I like to wear Cyber with minimal makeup (lashes and concealer only) as it makes a statement all on its own.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite picks of purple lippies this week and I hope you got some type of  inspiration to try one. There really is one out there for everyone! Until next time, toodles. Enjoy your weekend.

Find Cyber HERE





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