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M.A.C "All Fired Up"

I should just change the name of my blog to Lipstick Queen or something. That's all I want to talk about lately. So I decided another post was in order. I guess you could say I've officially ventured into hoarding. Haha ;) What can I say? Lipstick makes me happy! :)

After Zara from Moudlyfruit recommended M.A.C All Fired Up, I obviously had to check it out. It's a gorgeous matte red lipstick with pink undertones. My skin tone makes it appear more coral-y pink than red. I love it since my obsession with pink lippies has finally begun.

Like most matte M.A.C lippies, All Fired Up wears very comfortably on the lips and fades into a gorgeous stain, evenly. I love this lipstick! The color is so gorg. I've already worn it twice which I think speaks volumes considering I just purchased it a week ago! Until next time, toodles.

Find it HERE





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