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Ravish Me RED - Day 5 M.A.C "All Fired Up"

Happy Fridaaayyy!!! Welcome to the last day of Ravish Me RED. I didn't want to include my new lippie M.A.C All Fired Up since I just talked about it last week but honestly after looking through my collection, I just couldn't see any other way. I love it way too much! I'm going to try my hardest not to repeat myself. Enjoy!

All Fired Up is a gorgeous matte red lipstick with pink undertones. It's such a different toned red and I love it! It looks so amazing with my skin tone, creating a more coral-y pinkish red color. Like most matte M.A.C lippies it is so comfortable on the lips, not drying at all. And it fades into a gorgeous stain evenly after hours of wear!
 I just love red lippies. They are so timeless and classy. Hopefully I have inspired you to find your "perfect" red lipstick. There are so many different textures and tones on the market that red can look fabulous on any skin toned beauty. Until next time, toodles.

Have a fabulous weekenddd. ;)

Find  All Fired Up HERE



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