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Battle of the Red Lip

I love a red lip. They are so timeless and classy. I've already found my holy grail red, limited edition M.A.C Riri Woo but I'm always down for a new lipstick so decided to pick up M.A.C Russian Red since it's been on my wish list for ages. (You can never have too many!) I wanted to do a comparison of the two; just to ensure I didn't pick up the same lippie. ;)

M.A.C Riri Woo: matte true red

M.A.C Russian Red: matte, dark blue based red

Riri Woo is a gorgeous true red with a matte finish, while Russian Red is a beautiful dark blue based matte red. The two are extremely similar but don't get it twisted they are also very different. I find Russian Red to be much more deeper toned. I love them both!

They leave an amazing red stain after hours of wear and feel so amazing on the lips. Very moisturizing. Russian Red glides on effortlessly while Riri Woo needs just a bit more work. They look absolutely amazing on and I am so happy I have them both in my stash! Until next time, toodles.





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