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Current Skin Saviours

 Poor little old me has gotten sick yet again. (I blame my fiancé!) I'm finally starting to feel a little more like myself and it was time I treated my skin. After sniffling, sneezing and coughing for daysss now my skin desperately yearned for a pick-me-upper. So lets talk skincare.

 My skincare routine is constantly changing. To be honest I'm extremely lazy when it comes to keeping a regimen. Who wants to go and pick out every single product and moisturize it into the skin thoroughly every.single.night?! I'd much rather be snuggling in bed with the boo watching Dexter or Family Matters. ;) Nonetheless these are the most fab beauty products to do the job when I am desperately in need.
Vichy Liftactiv Night: I love my skin to feel revitalized, plump and healthy and this gets the job done. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin and gives my dull skin a beautiful glow.
Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream: You're never too young to start preventing wrinkles. It smells so familiar reminding me of my younger days watching my grandmother get ready to "run the streets" smelling and looking oh so expensive! It does feel extremely heavy on the skin however so I only reach for it when I'm in dire need.
Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask:  Everything about this mask is absolutely divine! The fragrance is so enticing and the packaging is extremely fabulous. I feel so glamorous just using it. It has a very silky texture and after left to sink in all night, leaves my skin soft to the touch with such an amazing youthful glow. I try to save it for special occasions only (as it is a very pretty penny) but find myself using it anyway. ;) (Full post HERE)
Lancer Lift Serum Intense: The epitome of luxury. Dr. Lancer is Kim K's dermatologist so you know it's fabulous. The formula uses pure gold leaf and unique plant stem cells to make skin appear firmer. I just love how extremely silky it feels and it does add a bit of brightness to the face. Love. 
Skin Inc Custom-Blended Brightening Serum: The label recommends two to three drops but I find one drop to be more than enough. The texture is a bit sticky but once applied it leaves a beautiful glow. I like to massage it into the skin at night and upon wakening I instantly notice a softness to the face.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner: I love anything Tea Tree - just the smell alone is amazing! It's really great for cleaning away any excess makeup that my cleanser may have missed and I absolutely adore the tingling feeling it leaves making my skin feeling freshly cleaned.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream: While it doesn't lighten my dark circles completely, it does help my skin to appear brighter and keep my under eyes gently moisturized. I find using it religiously really does make a difference in my under eye appearance over time. Obsessed.

When it comes to skincare, I find it completely acceptable to splurge. What are some of your skincare heroes? Have a fabulous night! Tomorrow's Fridaaaayyyy!!!! Eeeekkk! <3





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