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Essie Starter Kit

 Happy Monday loves! Hope everyone had a fabulously filled weekend. :) I'm a nail polish addict (but you already knew that, right?!) and have completely fallen in love with Essie polishes. Let's be honest, they were made for collecting. So today I wanted to share my most favorite. You need these in your life!


Chinchilly: A sleek granite grey color. I just love how simple yet elegant this polish is. I've never been a fan of nudes and Chinchilly has truly changed my mind. It is just so classy and sophisticated. A must have. (Full post HERE)

She's Pampered:  Everyone needs a classic red in their collection. This is mine. A beautiful bright red with a hint of pink undertone that is TO DIE FOR! My perfect red. Such a gorgeous twist on the traditional red nail lacquer and perfect for the holidays. (Full post HERE)

Come Here:  I love how uniquely gorgeous this color is! A brightly, beautiful almost neon coral. It instantly perks up my mood and puts a smile on my face and I love how stunning it looks against my skin tone. I always receive compliments when rocking it. (Full post HERE)

The More the Merrier:  I've never been a lover of green polishes til I spotted this. I love how super neon it is! It reminds me of that "highlighter" color but not as loud.  A great polish for spring and summer for sure. So perfect for all different skin tones especially deeper complected beauties. (Full post HERE)

Play Date: My obsession with pastel continues. Such a beautiful soft lilac color. Perfect for summer (or anytime for that matter.) I absolutely love the contrast against my my skin. (Full post HERE)

I'm Addicted:  I already have waaaayyyy too many blue nail polishes (or do I?) but I just had to make an exception for this beauty. It is the perfect blue for the warmer months. Bold, bright and so neon. I love, love, LOVE it. (Full post HERE)

Aruba Blue: THE polish that started the Essie madness. One of my favorite polishes ever and one of the few that I've repurchased. It's a gorgeous deep royal blue color. The perfect dark and mysterious blue everr. (Full post HERE)

Don't you just love Essie polishes?! They come in so many different beautiful array of colors, compliment every skin tone and are such high quality for an affordable price. The consistency is what dreams are made of and they last daysss before chipping. Obsessed. Which Essie polish will you try? Have an amazing week. <3

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