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12 Lips of Christmas - Day 3 M.A.C "Violetta

My obsession with purple lipstick continues. Violetta was a spontaneous purchase from over the summer. A beautiful vibrant violet with metallic shimmers and an amplified finish.

Considering I completely hated (and still do) the infamous M.A.C Heroine I have absolutely no idea how Violetta ended up in my collection. The two are extremely similar but differ in finish and Violetta is metallic. I don't usually go for amplified finishes but I am so happy I gave it a try.  It feels so creamy, almost moisturizing, on. I love it. And the color is so stunning, so bold, so unique, so amazing. I think it would look absolutely stunning on any skinned toned beauty especially warmer tones and it fades beautifully into a fuchsia berry color. Have an amazing week. <3

Find Violetta HERE



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