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Happy Birthday Queen Ashley!!

 Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Today marks my one year blogiversary. Yayyyy!!

I can not believe I've made it to this day. Even though I've always known I've had a passion for writing - and now beauty, starting this blog was beyond frightening. A couple of years ago, this was just an idea. To some a blog is just a blog but Queen Ashley is so much more than that to me. It's my outlet. It makes me happy, proud, stressed but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I am so pleased I finally pushed myself to finally chase my dreams and I couldn't be more ecstatic at the positive response I am receiving. I truly appreciate every view, follower, share, comment and like. I am truly blessed for every visit; whether you read every single post or you stay for just a minute. Thank you. It can only get even more amazing from here! :) There is so much more to me than makeup and I want to share that with you. As I continue to grow I want my blog to as well. I am a firm believer in always moving forward and evolving so expect lots of lifestyle blogging in the future. ;)

Happy birthday to Queen Ashley and here's to many, many more!!!!! <3



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