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A Riri Hearts MAC Dupe?

I was a late bloomer to the Riri Hearts MAC hype ( surprise, supriseee! ) so didn't get my hands on Riri Boy when it first dropped. Of course I went searching for a dupe.  So before there was actually Riri Boy there was Revlon's Berry Haute, a more creamier version for less than seven bucks a pop. #Yassssssssss.

Swatched side-by-side the two are nearly identical. I'm really ( reaaallyy ) bad at describing colors but Riri Boy is slightly plumier and the Revlon lippie isn't quite as pigmented. On the lips you can barely tell a difference though.

Obviously M.A.Cs infamous lippie has longer staying power since it's a retro-matte ( 5+ hours ) and has that infamous "Riri" signature imprinted on the lippie. But don't get it twisted Berry Haute does a great job too with  3+ hours and I just love the gold packaging. So chic.

( T - B) M.A.C Riri Boy, Revlon Berry Haute

Me being the lipstick feign and Rihanna junkie that I am, I'm so happy Riri Boy has joined her sisters and am still on the hunt for a couple more babies from the Riri X MAC collections. But if you're a beauty on a budget, Berry Haute is the way to go. Have a fabulous dayyy. <3



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