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MAC X Toledo haul

As I'm sure you know by now I've oddly been into nudes lately. I need them allll. For my birthday my lovely mother picked up the beautiful Oxblood from the #MACToledo collection. She understands the struggle bahahaha. Thanks mommy!  

You know I'm a sucker for beautiful lipsticks with adorable packaging and Oxblood definitely does not disappoint. It's a very pretty light peachy brown nude with a matte finish.

It is so very creamy and pigmented and looks even more stunning once applied, flattering my complexion wonderfully. It's not my fave nude in the world but it could be. And that packaging def puts it close to the lead (following Bad Girl Riri and Nude of course!). What did you pick up from the collection? Until next time, byeeeee. <3




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