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A MAC Flat Out Fabulous drugstore dupe

Another day. Another lipstick dupe. ( I honestly thought I avoided buying doubles *shrugs*)

To my surprise I actually found a drugstore dupe to one of my faves Flat Out Fabulous (when did I become a pink lippie girl btw?!), yet another must have MAC lippie.  

MAC Flat Out Fabulous

ColourPop Heart On

ColourPop never disappoints. #Yassss. Now I wouldn't say Heart On is an exact dupe but it's pretty damn close. Flat Out Fabulous has just a smidge more purple undertone to it. It's barely noticeable (if at all) once on the lips. I'll be honest I was skeptical at first. When swatched on the hand there were almost zero similarities but once applied to the lips hellooooo Heart On!! (By the way how freaking adorbs is the name?! Looove!)

The formula's are very similar but I do find Heart On to be a bit more hydrating and creamy. They're both such beautifully vibrant colors and so fun to wear! Honestly I'm very pleased to have them both in my stash and I think every woman (or gent) should at least own one! It's so flattering. But if you don't want to shell out money for Flat Out Fabulous or not sure if you can work it (you can, three snaps in a z!), the ColourPop lippie stix is most def the way to go (or even if you do have Flat Out Fabulous you should still get it cause I'm a lip junkie like that heyyyy!). Until next time, toodles. Happy hump day! It's almost Fridaaaayyyy!! Niiiight. <3

Find Heart On HERE



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