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PS I love MAC Heroine

 Today I finally fell for MAC Heroine.


Yes. That infamous bright purple everyone has gone crazy for. My first lipstick purchase everr. Isn't she a beauty?! *insert heart emoji here*
If you're a frequent reader of Queen Ashley you'd know I've never actually been a fan but what else is new? It's such a unique lovely color and I love how well it compliments my skin. I'm secretly laughing at myself though cause I'm pretty sure that's the exact reason why I loathed it. Bahahaha it happens. I go at my own pace, ok?

Heroine is one of those must haves to the stash and if you don't have it already then girlfriend (or guyfriend) what are you doing with your lifeeeee?! You neeeed! PS I'm sure you already do but just in case you don't haha. :)

I think we have officially hit fall ladies and gentleman. Tear! I'm pretty sure saying goodbye to this tan will be the hardest. Or the pool. Haha. I hope you have an amazing week! Lots of love.






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