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ABH liquid lipstick haul

You can never have too many lipsticks right?!


Sugar Plum

ABH Craft and Sugar Plum have been on my wish list for what seems like ever. For obvious reasons of course. Craft is a beautiful medium toned raspberry color. I'm obsessed. It looks absolutely stunning against my complexion and is the perfect fall color. Or if you're like me I'll make this baby an accessory to any season. Sugar Plum is a very pretty iridescent berry. To be honest I'm not as gaga as I thought I would be but it really is a beautiful and unique color and I just love the tiny flecks of glitter. Glitter makes everything better. It's just not as much of a statement lippie as I was expecting I guess. You know me. Gotta have those all eyes on me lipsticks. Heyyy haha.

No, but seriously. I literally went back three times for these bitches in two weeks. Lipstick feign or nah?! Bahahaha I DO NOT CARE. *insert girl with hand up emoji here* PS my apologies as this post was supposed to go up a loooong time ago. Again, other lipstick priorities I guess. Or lack of motivation. 

I hope you had an amazing Tuesday and Friday gets here at what feels like a blink of an eye. Lots of love. Toodles.

Find them HERE



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