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September Favies

Hello to cake face and being beat to the gods. Autumn is here!

Like clockwork I'm reaching for my Naked 2 palette like we were never apart. My homie since day one. I love it. I won't bore you since I already rave about it too much but let me just say this. If there were only one palette you EVER needed let me tell you, this is it. You're welcome. I have surprisingly taken a much needed break from nude nails and have been rocking Essie Merino Cool like it's my job.  A beautiful grey with purple undertones. It screams so chic to me and I love how well the formula wore. It lasted three weeks with minimal chipping. Impressive. Since I'm rocking full faces lately I've started using an old fave Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser as a primer. Not gonna lie I don't always remember to use it but when I do, magical! My makeup is flawless lasting all day and night. Yaaasss. I'm totally obsessed with baking at the moment and my Ben Nye Banana Powder is to thank. It is so amazing and in my opinion, makes a huge difference in the way your makeup looks. PS if you haven't picked up this technique yet you better get your life! Of course adding more layers to the skin can look really harsh and unappealing. That's where the Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray comes in. I spritz my face half a dozen times and it brings life back to the skin. No cakiness at all. A must. Loveee it. I've completely fallen off the wagon again and have been buying lipsticks left and right! Someone please stop me haha just kidding my fiancĂ©e says it over. Tear. Nooo but I love it haha! :) My new faves easily have to be ColourPop Zipper, Ofra Miami Fever , MAC Heroine and Whirl. Purple lips will always be my fave and Zipper is so fabulous. A dark eggplant color. To be honest I was originally going to pass this baby up but I am so very pleased I talked some sense into myself haha. It is so gorgeous. Possibly one of my faves everrrr. Shocker I know! Cooler weather is officially here and I'm rocking orange lips like it's the norm for me. Miami Fever was a must once I saw it on ThatGirlShaeXO's pretty pout. It's the most perfect cross between orange and brown and the formula omg! I won't say much more as I have a full post coming so stay tuned for that. The last two caught me completely by surprise but I guess that's the lovely thing about makeup huh?! I'm so mad at myself for falling for the hype with Whirl but it really is all that and a bag of chips. It compliments skin so well. It's just amazing. There's no other way to put it. My perfect nude you ask?? I think sooooo eekk!! (Full post HERE) I also finally fell for Heroine. I'm definitely yelling at myself for this one cause I loathed it for yearss.  It's such a unique lovely color I can't imagine why I never liked it. Haha. Typical Ashley. (Full post HERE) What have you been loving as of late?

I hope you had a fabulous moody Monday. If this year could slow down just a bit that would be great! October already?! Noo bueno. Haha no but seriously, I just turned .. 25 I'm not ready to turn .. 25 again haha. Toodles.



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