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There's just something about a purple lip.

I've been having a secret love affair with purple lipsticks for a few years now. They're bold, beautiful and so unique. It was time for an update of my must haves.


Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn
Let's be honest here. Airborne Unicorn is hands down one of the most breathtaking neon lavenders. The texture is a mix between creamy and matte so isn't that drying on the lips but I do find it to bleed just a bit so I recommend using a lipliner. (Full post HERE)

Melt By Starlight
It's a beautiful medium-dark color and absolutely stunning. The consistency is ultra matte so it can be a little drying on the lips, but that's nothing a little lip balm can't help. In my opinion it's one of the most perfect purple lipsticks. (Full post HERE)

Ofra Queens
It was love at first sight. A gorgeous dark purple with a black undertone. I'm so obsessed with the color omg. Only one swipe is needed but of course I like to apply a couple layers for an even deeper, bolder look.  I also love how well it stains my lips. My new fave.

MAC Smoked Purple
A beautiful, deep, dark purple with a matte finish. It's definitely not as deep as Queens but still a very pretty purple. I just love pairing it with lashes and concealer only. The bolder the better. If I'm honest I actually prefer it over cult fave MAC Cyber. Oops did I say that?! *wink* (Full post HERE)

ColourPop Be-Dazzled
You should know by now no list is complete without a ColourPop liquid lipstick haha. A beautiful true royal purple. It's so pigmented, so daring. It's just bad ass. The perfect color for a fun night out. I love it. A must have for sure!

Lorac Goddess
I'll be honest I don't wear this nearly as much as I should but when I do omg. The compliments come pouring in. It is a beyond gorgeous mauve matte color. And it glides on so easily. Nothing like a remarkable lipstick that's effortless. (Full post HERE)

Lime Crime Chinchilla
Definitely not for the faint hearted. It's such a pretty and striking grey with purple undertones.  It is so intense, daring and unique. Yet I still find it extremely easy to wear. (Full post HERE)

ColourPop Zipper
Zipper is so fabulous. A dark eggplant color. It's like having velvet on the lips and honestly the color is so different. I absolutely love it. It is to die for!

Lime Crime Pansy
A breathtaking almost neon purple that I am obsessed with. Obsessed might be an understatement. I adore it. The color is pure perfection. It will get you noticed for sure. (Full post HERE)

MAC Men Love Mystery
A fun lavender purple. It feels so amazing on the lips to be a matte and I would actually consider it to be more of a cream. (Full post HERE)

ColourPop Lychee
A beautiful warm violet. Lychee is bold, bad ass and to die for. I have nothing even close to being similar and that's what I love about it the most. A fabulous color.

ABH Vintage
A beautiful royal purple.  I must admit I am so impressed. The quality is definitely something to rave about. I wore it for 10+ hours (pinky swear!), with zero touchups and I even fell asleep in it (oops) and it was still in perfectly wearable shape. No lie! Vintage completely delivers. (Full post HERE)

MAC Dodgy Girl
A breathtaking pastel-ish lilac color with a matte finish.  It's bold, beautiful and such a head turner. It adds that pop of color I adore. The cute and girly packaging is just an added plus. I'll admit I completely slept on this baby (shame on me) and I'm definitely wishing I had a backup. (Full post HERE)

MAC Heroine (not pictured)
I finally fell for Heroine, that infamous bright purple. Shocker I know. Heroine is fierce. There's just no other way to put it. You need AT LEAST one in your stash. You're welcome. (Full post HERE)

What can I say I'm a complete sucker? I just love fun, vibrant, bold lips. What are some of your favorite purple lippies? Let me know if I need to add one to the stash I'm always down for a new lipstick bahahahha. :)

I hope you're having a fabulous weekend. Officially 12 days til Xmas eeekkkk!!!!!



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