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December Favies

Happy New Year!

You guys! I've finally mastered the perfect contour for my skin tone thanks to the Tarteist Contour Palette. It is so bomb. I like to use the darkest color to carefully carve out my nonexistent (tear!) cheekbones using my Sigma F41 Fan Brush. I'll then proceed to go in with ColourPop's Swift bronzer with an Elf Stippling Brush to blend and add more definition. The combination of the two makes for a flawless contoured look. I'm sure you'll be hearing about this a lot more in the future so don't you worry. FINALLLLY something that works for women of color! I'm ecstatic. Kudos to you ColourPop and Tarte Cosmetics. You did that. I've also started applying the accentuate color from the palette as blush. It gives the most beautiful natural pop of color. I'm so impressed. PS yesss! ladies and gentleman the blush craze has officially arrived. I seriously want, no NEED!, to get my hands on any and every blusher on the market. I'm obsessed. Moving on. I have these weird phases when it comes to what colors I'm rocking on the lips and my new partner in crime is definitely Ofra Cosmetics "Queens". You know I'm all about statement lips and it is right up my alley. It was honestly love at first sight. The color is a gorgeous deep purple with a black undertone. And the formula oh em gee the formula! Heaven sent haha. I won't say much more about it since I do, finallllly might I add *insert hand over face emoji here* plan on doing an Ofra Cosmetics haul soon so stay tuned for that. Until then, just know that this liquid lippie is everythingggg and yes you need it! Go ahead and add it to your list. I'll wait. :) Of course I'm still cuckoo for Becca Cosmetics Champane Glow. I can't help it. It is so fab! Still using the same technique with my Sigma fan brush, Urban Decay setting spray and Champagne Pop to achieve the most beautiful glow you can see from outerspace. I am trying to venture over to Pearl to see how that baby will look but in due time. I'm enjoying it for now. (Full post HERE) Like lipsticks my nail choices are constantly changing. Lately I'm infatuated with O.P.I. Do You Lilac It?. The prettiest pastel purple. Besides the color what I love the most about this nail lacquer is it's lasting power. I wore it for six days straight with zero chipping. Yes zero! I'm pretty sure it would've lasted longer but it was time to change manis. You know how that is *wink*. What have you been loving as of late?

I hope everyone had an amazing New Year. I'm still in total shock it's even 2016. Le sighhh. Another birthday coming for me and I'm so not ready. Officially 32 days yay! Not. Haha. Have an amazing night. Toodles.



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