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January Favies

And at the blink of an eye January is basically over and February is slowly creeping upon us. Eeeekkk!!

Not much has changed in the past few months. I'm pretty much still using the same products I've mentioned in the last couple favorites posts. Sorry not sorry!

I've finally ventured over to Pearl from the Becca Cosmetics Champagne Glow palette. Surprise, surprise haha! I'll just pop that bad boy onto the highest point of my cheekbones and glow baby glow! I freaking love it! What was life before glowing like a disco ball?! I honestly do not know.

Ok so honestly you shouldn't even be surprised MAC Whirl has made yet another appearance in my life. I'm obsessed, ok? It's just the most beautiful mix between brown and pink. So ideal for women of color. And I love it.

There's a new Kate Spade beauty in my life. (Don't worry, I'll be introducing her reaaaal soon but if you can't wait see a sneak peek on my instagram), that I've been completely smitten about and matching my nails is the perfect accessory. Enter Essie Chinchilly. A beautiful and chic grey polish. Chinchilly is just classy. I'll be wearing it for weeks I'm sure of it. What have you been loving?

Guys. My birthday is officially in 9 days omg! What is a girl to do? Let the mental breakdown officially begin haha. Happy almost hump day! <3



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