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Saturday Night Essentials

It's been one hell of a long ass week. I don't know about you but I'm so ready to throw an excessive but totally acceptable amount of glitter on my face, with the boldest lip and paint the town pink. Helloooo weekend!!

Saturday night demands nothing less than the fiercest makeup and these babies will have you looking flawless all night long. So now you can worry about more important things. Like how many margarita's you need. Yes, need. Haha.

The highlighter

Oh so you're not tired of hearing about this yet right? No? Ok good. Obvi I'm still obsessed (there's that word again) with the Becca Champane Glow palette. I've been going back and forth between Pearl and Champagne Pop but at the moment Champagne Pop has completely stolen my heart! PS it's now permanent so go get yours right meow and then come right back. I'll wait. :) I'll just pop that bad boy onto the highest point of my cheekbones and voila. Instant glow. Quick tip: if I feel like I applied just a tad too much just grab whatever you applied your concealer/foundation with and tap it over the area and done. Instant fix. But let's be real here, can you really ever have too much highlight? I think not! *insert heart eye emoji*

Nothing makes you stand out more than a fierce lip. So very necessary on a night out. All eyes on me, k? Any bad ass lippie will do but I am loving Melt 6Six6 at the moment. It is one bad bitch. The perfect dark red for a night on the dance floor.  

Lashes are an absolute must. The more dramatic the better. I'm currently gaga over the Eylure Katy Perry Oh My! falsies. I know major throwback right? I love how full and flirty they look. Instant head turner! 
Because a fierce lip, glowing like a disco ball and dramatic lashes go hand in hand. Have a fabulous and safe night everyone! Unfortunately I'll be laying in bed catching up on The Walking Dead and cramping my life away. Party pooper I know. Lots of love. Toodles.



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