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The Bold & the Beautiful

 You're so not doing the traditional pink or red lip thing on Valentine's Day.

So while everyone else is celebrating with their basic hot pinks and classic reds here's five fabulous non-traditional lipsticks that will for sure get you noticed. By the boo thang of course. No basic-ness over here, ok?!!
Ofra Queens
It was love at first sight. It's a gorgeous deep purple with a black undertone. And my new partner in crime.
Melt By Starlight
One of the most beautiful deep purple lipsticks. I love how beautiful and unique, yet effortless to wear it is. For bad bitches only.
ColourPop More Better
One of the most fabulous deep violet wines. I die! I know, I know. I said no pinks or reds. But technically More Better  is a purple. Sorry not sorry! Every time I wear it I have to convince myself to take it off. I love it that much. And the lasting power is amazing. I took a swatch on my hand a day ago and it's still there. Impressive.
MAC Stone
The epitome of the 90s lip and basically your new best friend. To be matte it appears so perfect and smooth and feels fabulous on the lips and I would actually consider it to be more of a cream. Not gonna lie this lip made me fall in love with MAC lipsticks again.
ColourPop Bumble
So I fell for the hype you guys and now I'm in love with Bumble, a beautiful orange-ish, red-ish brown color. I must admit it's absolutely gorgeous and I've never seen anything like it before and I think it would look lovely on every skin tone. I even hear it's a dupe for Lime Crime Riot. I'm obsessed. Ok so you already know obsessed is probably an understatement haha.

I know red and pink can be classic but it can be boring also. Be a daredevil this Valentine's Day and be bold. TWO DAYS EEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!! :)



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