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A Lime Crime Chinchilla dupe?

Of course I found yet another Lime Crime dupe thanks to ColourPop. I told you they get all the coins. I'm obsessed.

Lime Crime Chinchilla - purple with grey undertones

ColourPop Marshmallow

If these aren't damn near identical then I don't know what is. They're both such beautifully bold and most definitely not for the faint hearted. Totally right up my alley. I love it.

Chinchilla actually takes me back to a few summers ago when this lipstick "addiction" started. I remember wearing it all summer long. I couldn't get enough. If I'm honest though I prefer Marshmallow. I may or may not have a huge infatuation with ColourPop, but I really think it wears much nicer. These new ultra satin lips are so bomb and I don't have to worry about anything feathering. Something I can't say about the Lime Crime beauty. Anddd you pretty much can't beat the price. Did someone say SIX BUCKS?!  Plus I hear Chinchilla's being discontinued so there's that. You need it, obvi.

I hope everyone had a not so moody Monday. PS did anyone snag the new Kylie Lip Kit?! Fingers crossed! Byeee. <3



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