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Painting the town pink

Another day. Another lipstick so necessary to the collection.

Meet Madison. A gorgeous all eyes on me pinkish plum.

Ok so I can't even lie I was definitely expecting it to be more on the purple side but that's ok. It's still a beautiful color. And pigmentation is insane. Literally one swipe needed. Love. The only problem is I seem to have a thing for buying doubles err triplets and I already own not one but two liquid lipsticks in this shade. I know. Huge sigh. Oops. Hate when that happens! I'm sure I'll be sharing them with you soon so stay tuned for that. And one's drugstore. Yay! Anyway, I also found the formula to be a bit different from the others I own but I haven't completely decided if that's a bad thing. Or a good one. Ok so I guess I'll be getting back to you on that also haha. All in all I can definitely see myself painting the town pink in this baby this summer. The color is just so damn beautiful. No point in wasting, eh? 

I hope everyone had an amazing Thursday. Friday, I'm ready for you!! Lots of love. Niiiiight.



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