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Must Have Makeup Brushes

Better late than never right?!

Of course some of my must have makeup brushes all just happen to be from Sigma.

(Top to Bottom)

F41 Fan Brush
Also known as my jam. This is literally my favorite highlighting brush of all time. Well, technically it's for contouring. Which I do like to use it for sometimes, but I prefer to use it for highlighters. It's perfect.  I find it's super easy to create that awkward line when using this brush but light circle applications and you're good to go. I just spritz this bad boy with a makeup setting spray, dip it in the highlighter, repeat and voila! Hello the most beautiful glow from outer space. I think I need a backup now haha.

F40 Large Angled Contour Brush
My new BFF for blush. And yet another brush that's technically for contouring but of course I do what I want. Sorry not sorry! This is the best brush I've found for blush as of yet. It fits wonderfully into my cheekbone area and picks up pigmentation well for full color payoff. I love it so much that I actually have a backup.

F64 Soft Blend Concealer Brush
The best concealer brush in the whole wide world. I love how beautifully and super fast it blends out concealer.  And it was made to fit under the eyes, another thing I just love.  I honestly think it works much better than a beauty blender. Yep. I said it. LOL. In fact I absolutely love this brush so freaking much that I have a backup juuuust in case. Of course. It just provides a flawless look.

E58 Cream Color Brush
This brush is pretty self explanatory. I use it to apply cream shadows as a base or all over color to the lid. It packs on color pretty fast and makes shadows highly pigmented. I'm sure you could even use this with any cream product for the face. I love it.

E44 Firm Blender Brush
A dream come true. It makes blending the crease area effortless and getting rid of harsh lines so much easier. What was life before this I honestly do not know. It easily cuts my blending time in half. Yes please!

E30 Pencil Brush
I especially like to use this brush in the corner of my eyes to highlight and in my crease to add definition to a look. It fits perfectly and gets the job done.

What are some of your favorite must have makeup brushes? I'm on the hunt for a bad ass contour brush sooo let me know!



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