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That summer glow!

So technically I just got this like last week but I'm absolutely in love.

A true show stopper. Also known as Ambering Rose blusher. It's like this beautiful rosy brown color with just a teeny, tiny, little bit of red but with lots and lots of shimmer. Guys, you know I love all things glitter, right?! And whoa this one is a true beauty!

Wearing MAC Ambering Rose blush 

Anyway, it's so intense (but in a good way), pigmentation is seriously insane and it's really, really easy to blend. Ambering Rose is literally perfection. It's effortless. 

And if highlighter just isn't your thing ( but why?! ) you can pair this alone with a strong contour ( or no contour at all, but again WHY!?! ) and voila. Makeup is booming. It definitely fits right in with my bronzy, nude makeup phase I'm currently going through. ( I know right WHO AM I?! ) And it's so perfect for that summer bronzy look. It's all about that summery bronzed glow ladies and gentleman. Allll about the glow.

I imagine this would look stunning on any skinned toned beauty. But OMG. People of color! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!! Add it to your cart. And tell me you love me later bahahahah. *wink*

My huge blush crush is baaack. I was wondering where it went haha. Ambering Rose was first to check off my list  I think next up is Cheek Pollen. Yet another MAC blush. I DO NOT CARE. Hope you've had a great start to the week. Remember to live, laugh and love. Until next time, toodles. <3



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