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Glow baby glow!

Because I honestly really needed another glow kit right? Bahahha.

I promise I wasn't planning to pick up yet another Glow Kit  but the heart wants what the heart wants, ok? Plus there were so many bomb ass swatches on the 'gram and snap ( I blame you Gigi! ) that I just couldn't say no.  ABH has been on top of their game lately, huh. The MoonChild Glow Kit is a show stopper. It's so bomb.

From left to right: Blue Ice, Star, Purple Horseshoe, Pink Heart, Lucky Clover, Blue Moon 

BUT DO YOU SEE ALLL OF THAT GLITTER THOUGHHH?!! Sorry I got excited there for a sec. Look at these colors. Oh emm geeee! MoonChild is definitely not for the faint hearted. So far I've only had a chance to play with Pink Heart. It gives off one of the prettiest pink glows. It reminds me of ColourPop's Monster but maybe a bit more intense. I honestly don't even know why I'm so surprised. It's so freaking pigmented. Literally only one swipe needed. I love everything about it. The shimmer. The  pink glitter. The finely milled and creamy texture. The pink glitter. Haha. You can sheer it out or build it up.  I wore it with MAC Pink Sprinkles blusher and just died at the beautiful combination. Super girly I loved it. I can't remember what lip I paired with it but it looked lovely.

I'm so impressed you guys and I can't freaking want to get Blue Ice and Purple Horshoe on my face next. And I think Lucky Clover will look absolutely amazing with a green smokey eye as the inner corner highlight. Ugh. Stunning. That's on my list next! So I guess what  I'm saying is if you're still not sure if you need this, you do. Trust me!

PS ya girl got posted on ABH's twitter and instagram. Heyyyyy. Ok bye. Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend.  Womp womp.



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