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50 shades of nude

It's no secret nude lipsticks are still my current go to.

So since this phase of mine doesn't look like it's leaving any time soon, I figured why not share my favorite must have nude liquid lipsticks at the moment.  In no particular order of course.

From left to right: Limbo, Tansy, Brown Sugar, Beeper, Ashton 

ColourPop Limbo
I'm super late to the game I know but this lip is so bomb.  It's a gorgeous true brown color and I've even heard it's a dupe for Kylie Cosmetics True Brown K. (no pun intended!).  To be an ultra matte it can be a little drying on the lips so I do recommend exfoliating prior to application if you tend to have drier lips.

ColourPop Tansy
This was my summer jam ya'll omg.  It's a very unique but pretty medium-toned nude with a hint of yellow undertone.  I find this one compliments my skin tone the best.  I love it so much and it honestly deserves so much more recognition.  The formula is amazing and it's only six bucks. What more could you ask for? Get it already! Haha.

Kylie Cosmetics Brown Sugar
Also known as my new favorite nude lip and my current go to.  Like for real you guys.  I've been rocking this all day every day since I picked it up like it's my job.  It's like this very pretty true nude I love it. When Kylie said this is the perfect nude for darker skin tones she was not playing ya'll.  I've seen this on countless deeper beauties and they all looked stunning.  Kudos to you Kylie.  She did the damn thang.  Full review coming soon btw so make sure to stay tuned for that.

ColourPop Beeper
It's like a gorgeous warm brown with just a tiny hint of rose.  I heard it's a dupe for Kylie Cosmetics Dolce K. so of course I had to snatch this baby up.  It pairs well with any look and I imagine would look absolutely stunning on any skinned toned beauty.  I love it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Ashton
A beautiful 90's nude with just a hint of yellow undertone but not as much as Tansy.  This is one I can just throw on with a completely bare face and still look amazing. I love it so much and am so happy I picked it up. (Full post HERE)

What are some of your must have nude lippies?! Tell me everythingggg. K byeeee! I'm gonna go stress out about this election now. :(



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