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The Nude Lipstick of My Dreams

Happiness is: finding the perfect nude lipstick.  Haha.

I know ya'll are probably rolling your eyes right now but I was so serious when I said Kylie Cosmetics Brown Sugar is my new favorite nude lipstick.  I know.  I know.  I also hate it when I fall for hype you guys but the hype is so very real with this one.  Brown Sugar is bangin'!  By the way how adorbs is the name?!  Sssso cute! 

I've now discovered that I like my nudes to have more of a brown tone than pink and this lip is so perfect.  It's like this really pretty muted true nude color.  I literally have not stopped wearing it.  If you're following me on snap chat or Instagram you'd know that this is seriously my new go to.  I wear it with any and everythinggggg.  Isn't it funny how I'm now obsessed with this lip btw?  I swear I was just saying the same thing about ColourPop Tansy haha.  Crazy how quickly things change but I guess that's the amazing thing about makeup, eh?  Sorry not sorry! 

I still haven't completely decided if the formula is the best on the market so I'll eventually get back to you on that.  When Kylie said this is the perfect nude for darker skin tones she was not playing ya'll.  I've seen this on countless deeper beauties and they all looked stunning.  Legit every. Single. Time. I put it on I have to convince myself to take it off.  It is that bomb you guys.  Brown Sugar for the win.  Definitely. ( See a lip swatch HERE )

I hope everyone is enjoying their time off.   I think I'm finally getting back in the spirit of the holidays.  Yay!  PS if you're not following me on those platforms you definitely should!  I would love you forever.  *insert smiley face emoji here*  Bye. 



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