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A ColourPop Cosmetics Haul

Yes, another haul.  Sorry not sorry!

You honestly should already know by now I can never turn down a bomb ass red lipstick.   Let alone two.

From left to right: Ribbon, Saturday 

It's like the perfect classic blue based red.  This is one you can wear with a bare face and still slay.  I'm actually doing that right now.  I don't want to take it off haha!  And the formula is bomb.  I've been wearing it for almost four hours now and it still looks like I just applied it.  I love that.

A gorgeous deep red.  This lip seriously screams for bad bitches only.   I love it.  Application can get a bit messy with this one so I do recommend taking your time.  Other than that this baby is perfect.  So funny cause I originally wasn't even going to add it to my cart.  So happy I came to my senses.   Saturday is absolutely stunning.

PS I don't know if ColourPop has changed their ultra matte lippies but these wear much more comfortably than saaaaayyy the originals.  Don't get me wrong, formula doesn't really bother me.  As long as the color is bomb and the price is right, I'm good!  But I think these two will be a pleasant surprise for others.  Soooo what I'm basically saying is you need them.   Thank me later.  Ok bye.



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