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A Pleasant Surprise | MAC Studio Fix Foundation

I'm officially a foundation girl so decided it was time to give the infamous MAC Studio Fix Foundation another try.

I'm superrrr late to the game, I know.  This baby has been in my stash for years but to be honest I only recently understood the hype.  I remember purchasing it years ago and it just wasn't for me.  But that was also in my pre cake face days sooooo that's also saying something.  Anyway, this foundation is so bomb you guys.  If you're into full coverage then this is the one for you.

Not only does it match my skin tone perfectly without making me look ashy (I'm in the shade NC45 in case you were wondering).  But it provides full, flawless coverage and it feels very lightweight on the skin.  Almost like you're wearing nothing at all.   And it's so easy to blend and super buildable.   I apply two layers easily and it still manages to look like skin.   And I don't even have to set my face.  I do find this one can cake up just a bit though so I do recommended blending it until your fingers fall off.

 I wore it the other day with a full face and I must admit I can't decide which foundation I love more.  I've tried so many lately and they all pretty much perform the same.  I think.  I guess that means it's time for a battle of the foundations post, huh?

I hope you're still enjoying my #everydayDecember series.  I had yet another small hiccup over these past few days.  Blogging every day is literally no joke!  I was feeling uninspired I guess.   But, I'm back and ready to finish this month on a good note so make sure you come back for tomorrow's post.  Can you believe Christmas is officially in six days?  This year has flown by I swear.   Hope your Monday wasn't that moody.  Byeeeee. <3



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