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Color Correcting with Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette

Ok so I have a confession.

 I picked up this camouflage cream palette years ago in search of a concealer that matched my skin tone.  Prior to finding my beloved Maybelline FiT Me of course.   But more recently I've been using it for color correcting.

I've become more aware of my hyper pigmentation and discoloration lately so color correcting these days is a must.   Now I don't color correct often.  Actually most days I forget.  But when I do I must admit it makes a huge difference.   I love it.

I'll just pop the orange shade on whatever discoloration I'm having for the day, apply foundation on top and blend away.   It's so easy to add brightness to the face.  And I don't even need that much.  What was life like before I started using this technique?!  Honestly I do not know.  It works wonders.  Plus the palette is so ideal in general as you can customize the concealers to match your skin tone.   Loooove it.

Can you believe Xmas is tomorrow?!  Eeeekkk!



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