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ColourPop Makes Magic

ColourPop always delivers.

So there was no way I was passing up there opalescent highlighters.  I needed them!  Yes, needed.  

From left to right: Honeymoon, Over the Moon, Perilune

I actually snatched these beauties up a few months ago.  All I can say is wow.  These babies make me want to leave my fave high end highlighters alone.  They're gorgeous.  I wore Perilune today.  It gives the prettiest green gold glow.  Yes. Green gold.  Not going to lie it took my breath away.   I actually still have it on now as I write this.  It's like wearing a burst of glitter all over your face but in a good way.  I feel like a total glam bad ass.  Like, seriously.  And it's so intense!  I just first applied it with my finger to the highest point of my cheekbones,  inner corners of my eye and bridge of the nose.  Then I made sure to blend it into the rest of my makeup with my handy Elf beauty blender.  Used my setting spray.  And done.  Goddess unicorn status.  I got so many compliments today I love it.  I haven't worn Honeymoon in a while but I plan on pulling that out stat.

 I had absolutely no idea what to expect but boy am I impressed.  They're absolutely amazing.
And of course the price is right.  That's what I think I love the most about ColourPop highlighters.  They're affordable AF, have amazing quality and the variation of colors are truly stunning.  I still think they're super underrated.

I'm actually thinking about swatching my entire collection of ColourPop highlighters.  Hmmm. Haha.  Ok bye.  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Can you believe we're almost halfway through my #everydayDecember series?  Well that went fast.  I hope you've enjoyed!  Niiiight.



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