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More ColourPop, please

I told you ColourPop has the game on lockdown.  They get all the coins.  Absolutely.

From top to bottom: Bumble lippie pencil, Bad Habit UML, Mirror, Mirror, Bad Habit lippie pencil, Are N Be UML, Party Foul, Are N Be lippie pencil, Notion UML, Nixed, Notion lippie pencil 

I could not pass up the release of their cult faves in lippie six and pencil form.  

I picked up four gorgeous shades: Bumble,  a very unique rosy nude, Are N Be,  a medium dark purple color aka my fave, Bad Habit, a pretty raspberry and Notion, a gorgeous deep berry.

First things first.  Their lippie pencils?  I swear they're dupes for Kylie's.  They're soooo creamy and smooth, pigmented AF and of course super affordable.  Five bucks say what?!  I'm not really a lip pencil kind of girl but these babies make me want to use them more.   I love it.   Moving on to the lippie six.  Again, super pigmented and creamy.  I love them all but my fave is easily Party Foul.  It's just something about those purple lipsticks I tell ya.  If liquid lips just aren't for you, give these babies a go.  They're still matte but not drying at all.   I guarantee you won't want to take them off.  They're pretty amazing. And they last forever.

Yet again ColourPop comes through.  I'm easily reminded why they're one of my fave makeup brands.  I also got three free mini liquid lipsticks with my order and that's always a plus!

Did you pick anything up from this release?  Is it bad I have yet another order that should be coming in tomorrow.  Yep.  The Alexis Ren X ColourPop highlighter/bronzer palette.  Sorry not sorry!  It's my replacement so don't judge me too bad.  Haha. What can I say?  I love makeup lol.  Ttyl.  Byeee. <3



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