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I Have This Thing For Gold Highlighters

Sooo I have this thing with gold highlighters or whatever.

With that said of course the Banana Split Kylighter was necessary to the stash.  I meaaan obvi.  It's a beautiful yellow gold color.  Right up my alley.

I admit when swatching it doesn't appear to be that pigmented but once applied to the face omg.  Glow baby glow!  It's subtle and natural yet definitely buildable for a full on glow from outer space if that's your thing.  Me pick me! Lol.  I find that it's another highlighter that provides that wet foiled look without using a setting spray.  Obsessed.  And I love the texture.  It's not powdery.  It's not creamy.  It's kind of in between.

I admit, it's not the most blinding highlighter in my collection.  But it's definitely one I've been reaching for loads.  It's pigmented, goes on smoothly, is super easy to blend and build, and looks absolutely stunning on the skin.  Especially when it hits the light.  I'm here for it.

I've seen quite a few negative reviews but honestly I don't understand why.  I'm impressed.  I'm so in love with my Kylighter.  But like I said I am a sucker for gold highlighters so I guess I didn't need that much persuasion.  Haha.  Also, I knowwww you saw Kylie's releasing blushes this week.  And they look pigmented AF!  I'm excited lol.  Ok bye.



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