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Issa ColourPop Haul

From top to bottom: Padded Down, Getting Handsy, Made Me Do It, Above and Beyond, Like to Watch, Excuse My French

Ok two things. One: I'm obsessed with  blush.  And two: I'm obsessed with highlighter.

Sooo the new ColourPop pressed powder face duo palettes were a no brainer.  Mine.

I picked up all three shades of course: pink, nude/tan and peach.

The packaging is super cute and they even included mirrors.  I  love it.

First things first.  Lets talk about the highlighters.

I love me a full on highlight.  Absolutely.   With these babies you can totally get a gorgeous sun kissed natural glow.  Or a full on see me from outer space type gleam.   They were made for me. 

Each shade is so pigmented and the formula isn't bad at all either.  The texture is very smooth and finely milled.  They're not chunky or really glittery.  Easy to blend.  Doesn't emphasize texture etc, etc.  It's so different from their original creamy highlighter formula but still amazing quality.  To be expected.  I think the peach one may just be my favorite. 

Can't even lie I was most excited about the blushes though.

They're equally as pigmented and buildable.   These are excellent blushes.  In fact, the peach shade kind of reminds me of MAC Melba.   I am a little disappointed in the nude shade, Getting Handsy though.  After a few hours of wear it basically blended into my foundation.  I think I forgot to prime that day so I guess you can't completely blame the blush.

Anyway other than that I absolutely adore these babies.  I'm normally not about the monochromatic look but these duos make me want to try the trend more.  I'm so impressed.

Let's be honest.  ColourPop has reached a completely different level yet again.  In my book, they can do no wrong.

So, what have you guys been up to lately?!  My review of the ABH Aurora Glow Kit, Kylie blushes and a few little other thangsss should be up shortly.  I'm still sooo behind on blog posts ugh!  Hope you're having a lovely week.  Ok bye.  Toodles.



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