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My Week in Lipsticks

I have this thing for lipsticks or whatever. 

But you already knew that.  Right?!  Haha.  So today I'm sharing a week in lipsticks.  

(From top to bottom: Lychee Me, Weho, Tansy, Fudg'd, Brown Sugar 

ColourPop Lychee Me Ultra Glossy Lip
Lychee Me is one of those my lips but better nudes I'm loving at the moment.  It is so pretty.   I guess I'm into a more under stated makeup look lately.  So gloss is currently my thang or whatever.   Lol WHO. AM. I?!  It can be a bit on the sheer side but that's to be expected.  And it's a perfect lipstick topper.   

ColourPop Weho Ultra Glossy Lip
Weho is a stunning nude I normally wouldn't be caught dead in but as of late I'm really enjoying it.  It has much more of a peach tone to it than Lychee Me.  What I like the most about this shade is the formula though.  It doesn't provide that sticky feeling most glosses do.  I'm looking at you MAC!  It's actually very creamy.   I love it. 

ColourPop Tansy Ultra Satin Lip
Now that I have more melanin ( heyyyy! ) this is my perfect nude lipstick.   It's a gorgeous medium toned yellow brown.  So funny cause around this time last year I was rocking this bad boy like it's my job.  I guess here comes round two.  Haha I can not get enough!  And I love the formula.  It's still matte but sooo comfortable.   Tansy honestly deserves so much more recognition.   Absolutely love this shade.  

ColourPop Fudg'd Ultra Glossy Lip
A much deeper brown nude.    It's definitely a pretty shade.  But one that I wouldn't normally rock often.  So I'm completely shocked to feature it today.  It's almost entirely sheer on me.  Almost like I'm not wearing anything at all.  It provides a small amount of color but nothing too intense.  I actually really like it. 

Kylie Brown Sugar Lip Pencil
The love is so real.  I honestly forgot how much I love her liners.  They're super creamy and pigmented.   And you can sharpen them too   They actually remind of the ColourPop ones.   No shade.  Lol lol.

What lipsticks did you wear throughout the week?  I think I'll be doing these more.   Who knows?  Maybe I'll even start a series.  Btw sorry about the lack of posts.  I'm still focusing on my weightless journey so my apologies.  Be sure to follow along on snap and/or IG as I'm sharing lots of behind the scenes and what's been helping me lose weight.  This week I'm challenging myself to eat salads every day.  Wish me luck!  Username is queeenashley.  K bye.  



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