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Latest Lipstick Crush #2

I found myself seriously stalking Kylie's website yet again.  The newly released  June Bug lip kit caught my attention or whatever. Lol lol. 

I meaaan, can you blame me though?!  LOOK AT IT.   

Literally the second I saw June Bug I knew I'd love it and I was right.  It is so gorgeous.  A vibrant violet.  This lip seriously speaks to me.  

At first glance it kind of reminded me of ABH Madison and ColourPop Drive-In so of course I had to swatch the three.  But June Bug is much more purple.

I do find the formula is a bit different from her other kits I own.  It's much more drying and matte but I'm not sure if that's a completely bad thing. It doesn't dry down too fast and is very pigmented.  And of course the pencil is so very creamy. 

Purple lipsticks are my thang or whatever so I'll definitely be wearing June Bug loads this summer.  I'm happy.  It is so bomb you guys.  I love it. 

Yet again I'm behind on posts but I've been having a tough week ok! Always something I swear.  Lol lol.  I hope all is well with you. Talk to you later. It's Fridayyyy!! Get drunk.  :)



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