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Review | Maple & Beech Cosmetics

From top to bottom: Penny, Rave, Mauvy, Silk

There's some new matte liquid lipsticks in town that I've been putting to the test recently. 

Enter Maple and Beech Cosmetics.

They were kind enough to send me three lip paints and a satin lip glaze: Penny, a metallic bronzed penny color,  Rave, a vibrant burnt orange,  Mauvy, a deep berry mauve shade and Silk a nude-ish bronzed color. 

Mauvy is definitely right up my alley but I think the shade Rave is much more impressive.  It completely blind sided me. If you know me I don't normally gravitate towards orange lipsticks but this shade makes me want to wear them more.  It is so gorgeous. 

I do find the formula of the lip paints definitely differs from shade to shade. Some are more comfortable than others.  But I'm not completely mad at that.  They're build-able,  pigmented, and don't flake or crumble blah blah blah etc etc. They do dry down a little faster than I'm used to though so I would keep that in mind. Other than that they're not bad.  And the satin lip glaze totally reminds me of a lip gloss. It is so creamy! I love it. 

All in all I'm impressed by this brand and am so pleased they reached out to me.  I saw they're releasing highlighters soon as well and I may or may not need to try those out.  Haha. They look AH-MAZING! 

I hope you've had a wonderful week and have an even more wonderful weekend.  Yet again I'm behind on posts but I do have some personal stuff going on right now so please don't fault me.  I'll try and get another post up this weekend since my schedule is off.

P.S. There's a lip swatch over on IG of Mauvy so be sure to check it out.  I'll be posting swatches of the other three soon so stay tuned! Ttyl. Ok byeeee.

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*This post was sponsored but of course all opinions are my own. 


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