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Worth the Hype? | Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt'r Foundation & Trophy Wife Killawatt Highlighter

Ok so there are basically three key things you should know about me: 1. I love lipstick 2. I love margaritas andddd 3. I LOVE Rihanna.

With that said obvi some Fenty Beauty products were mandatory.  I picked up the Pro Filt'r Foundation in the shade 410 and the infamous Trophy Wife Killawatt Highlighter.   I meaaaan can you blame me though?! It's the freaking Bajan Queen herself!  Lol lol.

First things first.

Let's talk about that diverse foundation shade range.   I meaaaan 40 shades!  Wow. That's completely unheard of for a new brand launch.  Rihanna was not playing around you guys.  She came to win.  And she is setting what should have already been the standard.  Other makeup brands you better take note!

The Pro Filt'r Foundation is so pigmented.  The coverage is unbelievable.  Full and beautifully matte.  But it somehow still manages to provide this gorgeous natural and skin like finish.  It smooths the skin wonderfully, making you appear almost photoshopped, doesn't feel heavy on the skin,  there's zero flashback and it doesn't accentuate texture or emphasize pores at all.  It does dry down much faster than I'm used to and  it sets a bit darker. So I would keep that in mind when choosing a shade. But it doesn't oxidize at all.  If that makes sense.  If I'm honest this foundation was like nothing I've ever tried before.  It is so freaking bomb you guys.  I feel so flawless when wearing it.  You need it!

Now let's talk about that highlighter.

Ohhhh emmmm geeeee.  Guys.  Guys.  Guys.

Trophy Wife is the most alluring yellow gold highlighter I've ever laid my pretty little eyes on.  It provides this spectacular wet foiled look even without using a setting spray.  Literally a little goes a long way.  You only need the tiniest amount.  And yet it is SO blinding!  I'm super extra when it comes to my highlighters so of course that's what I love about it the most.  Haha.   And the formula isn't too bad either.  It's not chalky or powdery but instead very smooth.  It does have tiny particles of glitter in it but they are finely milled.  It just glides on so beautifully.  I can't wait to wear it as an eyeshadow. I'm obsessed.
Wearing Pro Filt'r Foundation in the shade 380 & Trophy Wife Killawatt Highlighter

Something just told me I wouldn't be let down and I was entirely right. In my opinion Fenty Beauty is THE biggest launch of the year.  Hands down. I've been wearing them both faithfully since the launch Friday.  It's my favorite duo at the moment easily.  And I can definitely see them both becoming holy grails.  Hell, they might already be. *wink* So if you're looking to only cop a couple things from the collection, I say make it the foundation or Trophy Wife highlighter.  They are stunning products. You won't regret it. 

I'm actually planning on picking up a winter foundation shade (prob 390 or whatever) and a few more products soon.  The gloss bomb is definitely on my list!  Oh and how cute is the packaging?!  Looove it.  

So, are we in love or are we in love?! What will you be picking up or what have you already tried?! Let me know in the comments below.  Sorry I've been MIA yet again.  Ya girl got sick as shit.  I blame the weather! I should be back for good now though.  I'm so inspired now!  PS I knowwww ya'll see all these makeup brands scurrying to show they cater to us brown gals and guys now that Fenty Beauty has launched.  Lol lol nah bruh.  It's a liiiittle too late.  Tuh!  The nerve.  Haha.  Love youuuu.  K bye. 



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