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ColourPop Gimme More Highlighter Palette

ColourPop snatching up them coins yet again!  

I think their super shock highlighters are completely underrated so I just knew the Gimme More Highlighter Palette would be a gem.  Being all pressed powdered and all!  

And I was so right. 

Top to bottom: Extra, Upgrade, Bottomless, Full Service, Bigger and Better, Total Package

I mean.  Look.  At.  These.  Swatches.  SO BOMB!  Anddd word on the street is it's an ABH X Nicole G Glow Kit dupe.   I don't know about all of that though. 

So anyway. 

Each shade is so pigmented, smooth and creamy, not chunky or filled with too much glitter. Blah, blah, blah. Etc, etc, etc. And they apply just beautifully.  

I for sure thought my fave of the bunch would be Extra or Bigger and Better.  You know I love me some type of golden highlight!  But instead surprisingly my heart is all over Upgrade, that beautiful orange shade that turns into this breathtaking peach-y goodness once applied to the face. Brown girls and guys: these types of shades were made for us!

This palette is budget friendly and you already know ColourPop doesn't sacrifice quality. 

Obbsessed.  Looove it!  

You need it.  Thank me later.  Trust me.  

PS my apologies as this post was supposed to go up agessss ago.  My bad, my bad.  Are the holidays seriously upon us?!  This year has just gone by wayyyy too fast damnit.  Haha.  Btw my YouTube channel will finally be up and running at the start of next month (yayyy!) so go ahead and subscribe now so you don't miss out, k? Haha. Lots of love.  Byeeee. 



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