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ColourPop Element of Surprise Eyeshadow Palette

I swear this has been the year of the eyeshadow palettes for me you guys.  

Next on my list was ColourPop's The Element of Surprise.  

Gotta catch em all I suppose.  Lolol.  Don't tell David!  :P

This palette is a warm toned lovers dream and has been in heavy rotation lately. 

Like the other ColourPop palettes each shade is highly pigmented, there's zero to minimal fall out, it's easy to blend, doesn't get chalky etc etc blah blah blah.  I was actually surprised at how well each shade showed up on my NC45 skin tone.  Not even gonna lie I was instantly drawn to Opulent, the bright pink shade and boy is it the winner of the bunch.  

I have to be honest though at this point I'm automatically expecting a mirror with every new release so I'm not exactly sure what happened with that.  But it's whatever. This palette is pretty amazing so I guess I'll over look it.  For now anyway.  Lol lol.  

Other than that The Element Of Surprise Eyeshadow Palette is so freaking bomb you guys.  ColourPop can basically do no wrong.  Well, until they decided on yet another Kathleenlights collab.  I wonder if she named one of her products nigga?!  Bahahah yep I said it.  Whaaaatever!  *eyeroll*

So, how do we feel about the new Kylie concealers?!  Pandering orrrr nah?!  Let me know in the comments!

I hope all is well and make sure you keep up with #Blogmas! Lots of love.



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